Herminio s Cardenas Junior AKA Junior. Is an upcoming rapper from Seattle, but the story begins in San Francisco California where Junior was born and grew up in Richmond California.

Since Jr was a kid he loved rap.  He could remember his big brother playing 2pac “Do for love” around the time Junior was in the 3rd grade. Jr  could not understand the words but he felt or what PAC said but the beat moved Junior in a way he couldn’t explain. 

From that day Jr  loved rap. As the years went by he grew and so did hip-hop within him as well. Junior started writing when he was in 10th grade but knew he wasn’t developed at writing and did not want to tell anyone until he felt happy with his development. The love and hunger started taking over. Jr  turned 21 when he had his first show in Seattle at Studio 7. Jump to today and Jr  is a 26-year-old rapper ready to take over the world with his music. 

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"Legit" Junior (Official Music Video) ECE

 Emerald City X Clear Visuals Present: "LEGIT"  The hit single from Emerald City's very own JR. Legit is a visual experience and will take you out of your zone.   You can find JR on all platforms.  Directed and shot by: Michael Sanchez  

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JR- "City Thoughts" (Official Music Video)

Emerald City and Clear Visual presents the single "City Thoughts"  This is the first "Official" video from Clear Eye Visuals and videographer Michael Sanchez. This track was fun to capture and shows a little of the area JR calls home, Seattle.   To book contact Sean Sibert:  Facebook: Spotify: 

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