Ashley Soto


Ashley Soto COO of Emerald City Creative Entertainment LLC. In this role Ashley looks after/coordinates/manage the Emerald City Entertainment, Artists and team. Ashley is a big believer that if you work hard, give your best, that success is earned and to never give up and focus on your goals and do what you love to do and always stay humble. Ashley has 9+ years plus in the music management field, as a singer Ashley starting at the age of 3 years old, graduated the singing success program and traveled with a top elite choir and show choir, wrote music for many artists used in movies managed many bands that have been touring for 8 years and taught music to schools, sang on tv shows and radio shows as well ran a radio station. Ashley has also been dancing and staring in Broadway plays and traveled for 4 years. In this time Ashley decided to extend her level of expertise and took up nursing. Ashley completed nursing school in 2014 where Ashley worked at hospitals and nursing homes and mental hospitals, volunteered at cancer hospitals for kids where Ashley worked and was in the well-known kids show Barney that we had come to the hospitals. Ashley then worked with SyFy “Haunted Collectors” and worked with many paranormal investigation groups. In this time Ashley became a wife and a mother to 3 kids.

Ashley helps ECE artists strive to reach their goals musically. ECE offers a wide range of career packages and services - from photography, to DJ services and management services which is where Ashley role comes to play. We are currently seeking sponsors, so if interested in being a sponsor to the ECE team and tours please contact Ashley for details and for our sponsorship packet that should answer all your questions. 

To contact Ashley please email or go to

Ashley is available for private consultations or can be contacted for general questions Mon-Fri, however Ashley does check emails on weekends and can be reached at 760-680-6553 or by email at